Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wedding Dresses: Amsale

Amsale's career began when she was planning her own wedding and could not find a wedding dress for herself. She wanted something that was simple and refined and since she could not find it she made it. Thus began her career in bridal. Her gowns are simple with a stylish flare. They are not fussy, but are elegant. Her gowns make any bride timeless.

(all photos from Amsale website)


Kara said...

I like gerbera daisies, but my sis had those in her bouquet and I don't want to copy her at all. Haha, I'd also never hear the end of how I never have an original idea and so forth.

LadyT/Getmarried4less said...

if i had more of a model like figure...and was less of a "fluffy bride" I would definitely go for dress 2 or 3! i love the figure conscious silhouettes.

but being conscious of my own figure, its best I wear an A-line, lol.

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