Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Honey, We Are Not in Ohio Anymore.

Today I received the first , I sure, of many catalogs for my broomjumpinggroom and myself to look over to choose a place to go on for our honeymoon. The books that I received today were both from North Carolina for some of the beach house property in that area. I , well I guess it really is not just about me, have a couple stipulations for planning our honeymoon:

  • No planes, trains or maybe even not a boat. My broomjumpinggroom has never flown, thinks the train will derail and keeps quoting scenes from the "Titanic" when I mention a cruise. Shall we say he has some control issues and if he is not in control of the car he gets a little anxious.
  • The place needs to be within driving distance, but far enough away that no one knows us. I really do not care how far the drive is because I probably would not be driving for the whole 7 day trip anyway.
  • I like would some sand, sun and sea.
  • A place that I can enjoy some of the sites but also have room for us to relax.

We had considered several places like Las Vegas or New York, but I guess the point of the honeymoon is to spend time with my "husband". If I go to either one of these places, I would be in front of a nickle or quarter slot machine all day or shopping on 25th Ave in Manhattan trying to find newest designer purses. Places that we are currently considering are:

  • Virginia Beach
  • North Carolina (reason for the booklets)
  • South Carolina
  • Toronto, Canada (would have to obtain passports, another expense)
  • Florida ( anywhere but Orlando, since my broomjumpinggroom is not overjoyed with the thought of a two big mice coming towards him singing,"It's A Small, Small World".)

We need to make a decision by mid-July or the beginning of August so that we can contact the travel agent and make arrangements.

If you have any suggestions for places that this Midwest bride can go on her honeymoon, remember we will be driving, reply to this post or contact me.


Kelly said...

What about the Smokey Mountain Region in Tennessee. It is really pretty there...and there are surprisingly a ton of things to do in the whole state of Tennessee...and its not that big or farm, so you could hit all the big attractions.

Or Charleston, South Carolina. So beautiful...and a fun beach town with a lot of southern charm.

Miss Preppy in Pink said...

How about the Poconos in PA? They are beautiful...

Jennifer said...

I second the Poconos or how about Niagra Falls? Take it old school honeymoon! Oh and I have a sun, sand and sea requiremnt for our honeymoon too!

GetMarried4Less said...

Hmmm......sun, sand, and sea....

Since you have SC on the list, may I recommend Hilton Head? Its not as touristy as Myrtle Beach and it looks beatiful.

I haven't been yet, but we plan to go there for our honeymoon.....

Kate said...

I can't WAIT to find out where you decide to go!

Oh and - you've been tagged!

We want to hear about the Mister!

The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

Thanks for your comment! I will definitely add you to my faves. We also suggest Hilton Head, SC? We go every Summer and loooove it. We are getting our engagement pics taken there in August, so we will have some pics to share soon!

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