Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scoops Up!!

Well, my candy bar is coming together. I had talked about in other post on how that I had found containers to hold the candy and websites to purchases the candy from. Recently I purchased these scoops on Ebay for $10.00 for 10 of them. This is enough to cover the entire candy bar, so that each container will have a scoop.

Now since I have the scoops I need to find the bags that the guest to scoop their treats into. I have found some sites that have bags and recently received a catalog from Paper Mart , but I still can not find the right shade of aqua to match the wedding colors. I thought it would be nice to have aqua bags and stamp either our names or our monogram (which I need to finish working on) on them in brown.

I saw these bags on the Internet, but of course the aqua bags in the photo were not available (crap). I have also seen clear bags that you can get in 100-200 piece roll for a cheap price, but I thought that they looked cheap. What do you think? Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find aqua bags? Does it really matter since people are just going to put candy in them, eat the candy and throw the bag away? At least with paper, people might be more likely to recycle them instead of throwing them into the trash.

I have gathered some ideas for what I want my candy bar to look like.

At least that one more aspect of the wedding almost accomplished. I will look start ordering the candy at the end of February to have for the wedding. Now I just have to find something for my guest to put them in.

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Blablover5 said...

We're doing a sort of candy bar too, (a trick-or-treat thing mostly) and we got our favor bags from the local dollar store.

You could check them out as they'll always have gift bags that are in tons of different colors.