Friday, June 6, 2008

Tag I'm it....Oops, Not Me My Fiance is it

I was tagged by Kate to tell 5 fun facts about my broomjumpinggroom. Here is what I have for ya.

Broomjumpinggroom loves his yard. Every season when spring hits, it begins...the yard work. He spends hours pruning, digging and mowing the lawn. He tunes up the lawnmower and seeks out the best plants to plant in the flower beds. Sometimes he is out there from sun up to sun down competing with the other men in the neighborhood to have the best lawn. He is always proud of his golf course lines in the yard and wants to share them with me. He always tries to get me outside to help him. I always tell him that I will help select plants, I will drive them home, but being one with nature is not really for me. Being one with TiVo is.

Broomjumpinggroom is obsessed with his tools. He loves his tools. He has several different types of tool boxes varying from little ones, to large ones with wheels on them and one like the picture that I bought him for Christmas this past year. He has every tool imaginable (but I am sure that he can find one that he does not have). He enjoys combing the Loews and Harbor Freight adds to see what new tool he can purchase. I sometimes think that he makes up projects around the house to just go purchase a new tool. Buying tools for him is like purchasing a new pair of shoes for me.

Broomjumpinggroom loves jazz. He likes all types of jazz ( all but Kenny G, sorry Kenny). He has CD after CD of jazz songs. When we first started dating, I really did not like jazz, I thought that it was mainly sleeping music. After attending a couple of concerts with him I really enjoy listening to it now.

Broomjumpinggroom has a beautiful singing voice. ( That he does not use often) He does not like to sing in public. The first time I really heard his voice is when I went to his hometown to hear him in concert with his sisters. I believe that is the last time that I heard his sing in public. Now I get to hear his privately while he is in the kitchen, or catch a tune or two through the bathroom when he is in the shower or when we are going somewhere and a song that he really likes comes on the radio and begins to sing along. I have been trying to get him to sing to me at some point during the wedding, but the chances of him doing that about none to zilch.

Broomjumpinggroom is a grill master. Become one with the grill. It does not matter what season it is, (he has been known to grill in the snow) he will fire up the grill in a moment. Sometimes when I am sleeping and I have the window open, I smell the aroma of charcoal. This would be because he works second shift and when he gets off at 12:00 am, he is hungry and want to come home and cook something (how about a microwave). I can not complain to much because I get to enjoy the fruits of his labor for lunch and dinner the next day. He is an excellent griller. Just talking about makes me want to call him at work to see if he would fire the grill up tomorrow for dinner.
I know that Kate only asked for 5, but I have one more.

Broomjumpinggroom makes me laugh. It does not matter if we are teasing each other like 5 year olds on a playground or he telling jokes he always makes me laugh. He knows when to make me laugh when I am feeling down or when to start a funny conversation with me. I really appreciate his humor. He definitely knows how to put a smile on my face.

Well, I think that is it. I think that I am going to tag Nautical Wedding and Nursing School and That Bride.


Kate said...


And I'm jealous because I have black thumbs instead of green thumbs.

Love Kpop said...

There are things I can not understand but I will learn it. I think nothing is too late. Then I realized that I had improved a lot.