Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wedding Dresses: Vera Wang

Even though I have already have my wedding dress, I still like to look at the all the different dresses that are coming out from different designers for the current season. In this post, I am featuring designer Vera Wang. What I like about her dresses is their simplicity and elegance along with their individual personality. Here are a few of my favorites from her current collection.


Jenna said...

I love Vera's dresses. I just wish she would stop debuting them on little boys.

Oh, wait, you are telling me that those puny little grumpy looking things are girls?

LadyT/Getmarried4less said...

vera does have a very elegant style.

i have mixed feelings about looking thru dress galleries now. when i first ordered my dress, it made me feel like i hadn't selected the right dress, so I stopped for a while.....then i started browsing thru them again to get inspired on accessories.

now, i browse them to look at makeup, lol. i consciously avoid the dress and only look at the model's face!...yes, i am crazy.