Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can Flowers Grow Out of Your Ears?

I felt like this picture yesterday after I spent almost 3 hours talking about flowers for my wedding with my mom and Mrs. Herron, the crafty lady from my church. I really did not realize how much we needed to talk about. I just I thought all that I needed to do was to hand her the pictures that I had ripped out of wedding magazines and tell her what I wanted the feel for the ceremony and reception to be like. She really made me think. I did not realize how much went into picking out flowers. I had to talk about what flowers I wanted on the chuppah, the centerpieces for the reception, how to decorate the aisle and even decorating the banquet room where the buffet will be set up. I had to count how many tables, how many attendances and even how many chairs. In all of my counting of boutonnieres, I forgot to add my broomjumpinggroom in the count (kinda need him to be there). In all of my talking I did keep reminding all that were involved, that I did not want any roses. I am glad Mrs. Herron asked me what my favorite flowers were. She is going to do everything at this point (of course I will be over her house assisting her putting these items together), but my bouquet. What that means I have to do this all over again, with a florist!!! Ugh...I am not sure if I want to go through that again. At least I already prepared Mrs. Herron , by ending our meeting by saying," If I get sticker shock at the florist, you might be doing my bouquet as well". Always good to cover your bases.

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Erica said...

When I met with 3! florists on Friday, I was told to expect to spend $200-400 on the bridal bouquet. Hope that helps with the budgeting. And if you know what your bout's and maids and c.pieces are containing, your bouquet should have some of those same elements. Take those elements to your florists, it shouldn't be too tough to convey what you want!