Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bridal TV

There are many shows on on TV for brides or "soon to be" brides that offer information, resources and of course entertainment. Below is a list of so of these shows, I TiVo often ( I really need to find something else to do).

Lifetime Television

  • Get Married-- Resource show that gives information on all aspects of wedding. The show also has a website that list wedding resources in your area.
  • Real Weddings of a Lifetime -- Show selects a topic like, great wedding cakes or celebrity weddings, and shows different aspects of the topic. Real Weddings also shows weddings of ordinary people.

Style Network

  • Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? -- This is the wedding planner show. The series comes from the wedding coordinators perspective and shows how the selected couple wedding turns out.

Fine Living

  • Wedding SOS -- The fairy god-coordinator, Jane, gives stressed couples three wishes in assisting them with the last minute planning of their weddings.

WE tv

  • Bridezillas --Are you a bridezilla? A show about brides and their craziness.
  • Platinum Weddings --Are you having a platinum wedding? This series shows extravagant weddings were couples are spending thousands and thousands of dollars on their big day.

TLC-The Learning Channel

  • A Wedding Story --Follows couples the week of their wedding until their big day.
  • Say Yes to the Dress--Looking for a designer wedding dress? Why not go to Kleinfeld. Say Yes to the Dress shows the wedding dress consultants view and the brides view of purchasing a dress from the historic store,Kleinfeld.

Many stations have specials dedicated to weddings. If you go to their website and put in the search section, "wedding", all of them will bring up shows that deal with that topic. Here are a few:

Some of the networks that have regular wedding shows as show specials. For all of the networks you will have to check your local listing for days and times the shows play. If you know of any other shows to watch, please respond to this posting. I would be happy to share them. Happy viewing!

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