Friday, July 11, 2008

274 Day to go!!!

Wait one minute....I just got engaged. Well, no there was snow on the ground and the flowers are now blooming. Where has the time gone? When I first started planning I thought I was moving to fast and time was moving slow, now it seems like I am moving slow and time has sped up. To keep to my timeline I need to get the following done in the thirty days...

  • Put engagement in the paper - Well I still have not done this since we will not take our engagement pictures until September.

  • Finalize guest list--This is a rotating list. People come and people go off it. I am sure I will have a final list by September.

  • Sign a contract with caterer.--I am currently stalking my cater (he is a friend of the family) for a contact and his proposed menu based off what I emailed him what I wanted.

  • Set up appointments with florist.--I am kinda done with this. I have spoken with the lady that is doing my reception and wedding decor. I just need to speak to someone about my wedding bouquet.

  • Book a DJ.--On the list to complete this week.

  • Start looking at gift registries.--I do not need to do this I am only scanning one thing..A red Kitchenaide mixer. Oh ,I guess I should allow the Broomjumpinggroom to register for things that he wants. I guess that is a part of that partnership thing, huh.

  • Start speaking with ceremony musicians.-- I just need to find the CD of the song that I want and I need to speak to the Broomjumpinggroom's sisters about singing during the ceremony. How many songs do you need in the ceremony anyway?

  • Think about how to wear you hair.--Right now since, my hair is still growing out...all I can think about is how much weave I will have in my head and how much time I am going to use on my honeymoon taking it out.

  • Look for a baker.--I am all over it. I have several calls out to set up cake tasting and pricing meetings.

  • Reserve photographer and videographer.--Check, DONE!! I have had my photographer for months and my best friends husband is done the videography.

So out of 184 to do's. I have 28 done. I have a long way to go and not alot of time to get it all done. Keep you posted on my progress.

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Jennifer said...

You are so ahead of the game! I have 91 days to go and I stil have yet to figure out my ceremony. oops! Good luck!