Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deal or No Deal...I Got a Deal !

What did we do before the Internet and the dollar store? I do not know...but I love the Dollar Tree and Ebay. I always find good stuff when I either go into the store or I am shopping for bargains on the Internet. Here are some of my latest finds. I got these candles for my the unity candle holder. I bought for my mom and my future mother-in-law and of course one for myself and the Broomjumpinggroom to use during the ceremony. There were a whole $1.00 for all 4.
I thought these were a great deal. If you are using silk flowers in your ceremony or anywhere in your decor, I would definitely check out your local dollar store. I bought 14 packages ( I think I got enough) of these white silk rose petals that have 300 count per package to put into petal cones for guest to throw at Broomjumpinggroom and I when we walk down the aisle after we are pronounced as husband and wife. They were $1.00 per bag.

You can not see me, but I am doing the happy dance. I have been bidding for months for a unity candle holder and have been losing. Until a few weeks ago, I won this baby for the low, low price of $7.00 plus shipping. It is brand new. Go Dana!!
I need to keep finding deals like these, to keep wedding cost low and my pockets a little full. I do not want to end up like one of those brides on Rich Bride, Poor Bride or on Wedding SOS trying to figure out where all the money for the wedding went. What cost cutting ideas are you using?


Jenna said...

I plan on using craigslist, ebay, and the dollar store as much as possible. I also decided to use a theme that didnt have to "match" all the time. This should allow me to get some random stuff for cheap!

CaliOC said...

Great job! I've bought candles, votives, tulle, and tons of other stuff on Ebay -- I love it! I've also decided to do quite a few diy projects to save money. Right now I'm working on chocolate daisy suckers and I am making my veil -- the pattern and tulle I ordered from Ebay just arrived!

Anonymous said...

I love checking out the dollar store for deals! Definitely good finds- way to go!!

ladyt/getmarried4less said...


this is such a great deal!

you know, i've jus tbeen turned onto to ebay. its ridiculous how many little packages have arrived at my home in the past week or so, lol.

i'd been checking ebay for rose petals, and was quite miffed when i lost out on 500 burgundy rose petals....but i never thought of the dollar store for those! i can't believe it....i've had my eye on some vases from there, but the petals didn't cross my mind.

Thank you!

i've been hunting left and right trying to score deals...i think i'm hope to pull this thing off with people not knowing that i didnt spend a fortune on it.