Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wedding Tip of the Week: Chuppah

When looking at decor, you may want to add a chuppah to your ceremony. A chuppah is a canopy that is usually used during Jewish ceremonies. I have found two main representations of what a chuppah means, the home that the couple will build together. The second is that it represents the covering of God over the couple.

In the past the chuppah was made of the tallit or pray shawl was used for the top of the chuppah. The tallit is attach to for poles with all four sides open. When using the chuppah in the past, it was carried to the ceremony site by four attendance.

Many brides are choosing to use a chuppah in their ceremonies, even if they are not Jewish. There are several cultures, like African, have canopies which they call wedding tents.

I know that I am going to have one during my ceremony. The person that is assisting me with my flowers is going to decorate the structure for me, since I am building it myself ( I am sure I will receive assistance from the Broomjumpinggroom.

Below are some pictures of how different chuppahs can be.

If interested in creating one yourself, check out these instructions.


Linda said...

these look great. I am doing the flowers for a bride and will have my first experience with decorating a chuppah. They are pretty and make a nice non-traditional addition to wedding decor. Bless you as you and your beloved begin your married life together.

2dBride said...

We are also making one. However, since ours needs to travel from DC to MA and back again, we built it on the frame of a portable popup gazebo. Thus, it will fold down to something easy to transport, but can be assembled quickly at the site.

Dana said...

Check out my other posting about my Chuppah to see how I did mine. I can not wait to see pictures of yours.