Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Arms Feel Like Spaghetti

Well, I did it. I started the 100 Push-Up Challenge. My arms are throbbing and I just did the initial test. On Wednesday, I will be starting the first day of week one. The author of the challenge suggest that you should skip a day in between to allow your arms to rest. No kidding, I need the rest, my arms hurt so much, I can barely lift my arms to move my hands to type this post. I hope the author of this challenge is right and it gets easier. Check back with me on Thursday and I will let you know how easy it got.


Head Diva in Charge... said...

Hey girl!!
Great blog!!You better work them arms!!
I just wanted to let you know about a site I created for brides of color... Its called www.brownandbridal.com We have a forum and a group blog at blogs.brownandbridal.com Please come and join us! I need somebody to push me into getting fit too.. lol

Hope to see you there...


CaliOC said...

My wedding is in 11 days and I've just now decided that I need to work on my arms -- I'm wearing a strapless dress! However, I am not sure that I am for the pushup challenge!