Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grooms Want Cake Too!!

Groom's cakes have been around for ages. The originally a groom's cake was a standard cake that, was similar to the wedding cake, but make completely of chocolate. Traditionally, groom's knew they were getting this cake, but today more and more brides are choosing to surprise their grooms. These cakes vary from the very traditional to the very creative, reflecting everything from hobbies, jobs to sports. I am thinking of getting my Broomjumpinggroom a cake for the wedding. I am leaning towards something with his fraternity, a car or gardening on it. I just need to find someone to make it. Well...just add something else to the to do list. Are you getting your groom a groom's cake?

( all photos provided by Yahoo Images from Sweetest Day, Sweet Designs by Monica, Amazing Cakes of Austin and Cakes by Sam)


Blablover5 said...

We're going to attempt to make our groom's cake. It's gonna be a chicago style hot dog. We're already got a good list of things to fake the toppings (the pickle's gonna be the hardest) but it'll be fun to watch me and my MOH attempt to fondant a hot dog shaped cake.

Ladyt/getmarried4less said...

no...primarily for budget reasons. my groom doesnt like chocolate, so he'll get whatever flavor he wants as a layer in our final cake.

if we were doing this, it would be cool to see if someone could somehow make a cake for him hat was chemistry related since he's a chemist.

i'm sure you could find a baker that could incoporate all 3 of his loves. I've seen on Ace of Cakes here they've made cakes with many different symbols in them.

Jennifer said...

cute cakes! Oh, and I tagged you! ;)