Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Do: Red, White and Blue

Many couples choose to have their special day on a holiday, like Christmas or Valentine's Day. I did not think that the 4th of July would be a popular one for couples to get married on. There are many couples who choose to use this holiday due to that it is a summer holiday and that it also usually falls around a 3 day weekend. There are several resources, from bridal dresses to cakes, out there for brides who want to do red, white and blue and I do. Congratulations to all of those brides who are getting married this 4th of July. For those brides who are planning a 4th July wedding for next year, above are some photos that might help you get started. Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July.

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Blablover5 said...

The vest looks just perfect for someone from texas.

One of my friends got married on the 3rd of July. They didn't have any fourth elements but the next day they could all go out and see the fireworks, so they got some free entertainment out of it.