Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Months To Go

Well, let's see where I am on my wedding checklist. It does not seem like I have not gotten alot done. I have lots of ideas running through my head, but for some reason I do not have alot accomplished on my list. Here is goes:

  • Put engagement announcement in the paper-- This is still not done since I do not have an engagement picture yet. I guess this will be done before the end of the November.

  • Finalize guest list-- Working on it.

  • Book reception band or DJ-- I have talked to the potential DJ after talking to the Broomjumpinggroom about his selection and stating to him that I was not comfortable with his friend being the DJ.

  • Start registering for gifts--I think that we might want to start doing this in November. We need to decide which stores to go to. I am definitely going to Target, Walmart (damn you Walmart for low prices) and probably Crate and Barrel and Macy's. I wonder if you can register at Lowe's or Home Depot we want to do some home improvements to our home. I will have to check that out.

  • Reserve a block of room for out town guest--Working on it.

  • Purchase save the dates-- I think that I am making Christmas cards for my save the dates and I have to wait until I get my engagement pictures done first before I start designing these.

  • Plan rehearsal dinner-- I am having my rehearsal dinner at the same location where I am having my wedding since I will be there all day setting up. We are going to have the dinner in another room in the same building. I was trying to think of a theme for the evening, to make it a little more fun. We love Mexican and Italian, so that will probably be one of the food choices. Have any ideas?

  • Start working on and finalize invitation wording-- Since I am making my own invitations I have started playing with designs and wording.

  • Finalize menu with caterer--I have an idea for the wedding menu and have briefly discussed it with the caterer.

  • Research and purchases wedding insurance--I need to research what wedding insurance is first before I add an additional expense. Is anyone out there purchasing this?

According to My Knot, I have 30 days to get most of this done. Some of this looks like the same stuff that I needed to do at the 8 month mark. I got somethings to do. How about you?


Blablover5 said...

The knot has a somewhat nice list but you can get a lot of what they thing you have to do now much later.

I don't think we booked our rehearsal dinner til we were 3-4 months out.

Atlas Designs said...

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African-American Brides said...

You're the woman! I don't remember being this organized when I was You're going to have a beautiful wedding. :)


Grafxgurl said...

ooh this brings back memories of when i got married 2 years ago in India!
hope oyu get everything done!!! helps to delegate!

Ana Todor said...

Wow, I sure hope I will have your guts when my time will come. Weddings are probably the ultimate test in ones life when it comes to organizing.

Saintcaio said...

cool,great blog.

Dmitry said...

Просто Супер!!!

Chare said...

you don't have any idea who I am, but I just skipped around blogspot and found your blog...

anyways, i was going to careful registering for gifts in Nov. at some big box stores because they have sooo much stuff out for the christmas shoppers that gets taken off the shelves in the beginning part of the year. what you registered for might not be there when your guests actually go to buy it.

you might end up having to go back to the store to check and see what is there when it gets closer to your date.

anyways, congrats!!!

Zrcadlo said...

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Rushking said...

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blue-office!!!! said...

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thezanyone said...

We did save the date cards. Just a little postcard we designed.

They don't always work though. I still have people tell me they didn't realize I was getting married...the wedding is tomorrow.

7 months til your wedding? You're fine...we did ours in 6.5 months...with no wedding insurance.

He knows I'll kill him if he balks. LOL just kidding, sorta.

Madeline said...

Wedding insurance? I've never heard of that. What does it cover? With 4 little girls, maybe my husband and I should look into it. By the way--you are waaay ahead of the game! Great job!

Dana said...

That list right there, (and the family being 1500 miles away) is why I spent a whopping 2 weeks planning and $50 on my wedding with the JP. It makes me tired just looking at it. I envy you having the energy to do all that work, good luck with everything and I know it will be a beautiful wedding.

Megan said...

We registered at Home Depot, though you have to do it online and it's not available in the store. Not good for relatives without computers. I don't know about Lowes.

iyos said...


my boyfriend and i are planning to get married by dec's still far but here in the phils. we have to make reservations for the church and reception at least 1 year in advance...we have attended a wedding fair and we're overwhelmed by all the suppliers we should consider

our main problem is we don't know where to you have a checklist on what we should do during initial planning?

thanks very much!


Broke-ass Bride said...

I'm almost 8 months out and while sometimes I feel ahead of the game - other times I feel overwhelmed by all that's left to plan. Thank goodness we had a 19 month engagement, yo!
You're doing great - keep up the good work!
ox, Broke-Ass Bride

Miss Lord of the Pageant said...

I found you on the blog of notes the other night while at work and I love it. I'm a single girl, but its still fun to read other people's plans.

I work at a hotel and while I don't know if you've already set your block up, but I felt an urge to pass on some advice to you to help you out and keep you from ripping out your hair later. :)

One of the things to really look for is a hotel that will drop left over rooms with no cost to you. Some hotels will charge you for unreserved rooms and that could get REALLY pricey.

Another thing to double check on is cut off dates. A lot of hotels, when reserving a block of rooms, will hold them up to a certain date and depending on the time of the year that could be two weeks to a month before check in date.

You seem like a big DIYer on this wedding and if you chose to have something available for your guests when they arrive, talk with the front desk. Most places are willing to either let you into the rooms ahead of time or will hand them out for you. If they chose to hand the stuff out at check in, please provide them with a list. I had a MOTB leave me a list with everyone's confirmation code ((which she got from us)) and who got what. I loved that woman for making my job easier!

Going hand in hand with the cut off date, make sure your guests know! Usually once the cut off date has passed, the rooms are dropped and guests will usually have to pay the regular price for the room. I don't know how many people get mad at me because they don't read the card correctly or the bride didn't list it. Its tough turtles for them. This is especially true if its during a peak season for the hotel.

One more thing and then I'll shut my yap, no hotel can guarantee an early arrival, so your OTT guests will want to think hard about when they want to arrive. I've had so many people come to my hotel needing an early arrival with out calling first and suddenly I'm the Queen Bitch of the Universe ((which I am, but still)). If the wedding is before 3pm, and they are more then 5 hours away, its advised they come in the night before. If they plan on coming that day, they better dress before they leave the house.

OKay, I'm done. Hope something among this gobbly-gook is helpful to you as you plan. Good luck and thanks for a great read!

tinasauers said...

Rehearsal Dinner Idea:
everyone loves potluck!
Grandma's Cherry Chow Chow
Dad's Scalloped Potatoes
Aunt Kathy's Meatball's
and so on....
And best of all.....
more money left for pretty things like diamond encrusted car rentals!