Sunday, September 21, 2008

Engagement Pictures: Part III

We did it!!! We took our engagement pictures yesterday. It was not without a few hang ups. We were a little late and this time it was not my fault ( I tend to run on my own time) but the Broomjumpinggrooms'. We were suppose to meet the photographer at 7:00 pm and my fiance thought I said 7:30pm. We got dressed and rushed down there and made it by 7:25pm before the sun totally set. We took our pictures by this beautiful arch in the arena district of Columbus. The arch use to be an old train station. It was nice setting and I think that we will really have some good shots.
I wore a brown linen dress ( I know in the picture it looks like it is black) with the this necklace. I was going to wear some brown linen wedge sandals, but opted for my brown thong sandals that were flat. They were much more me since I love flip flops and I did not want our pictures to be to formal since we are casual people.

The Broomjumpinggroom wore this shirt. It is brown with olive, black and cream stripes. He wore it with a pair of jeans ( one of the pairs that I like on him) and his brown boots. It he wore anything would not look at him.
I can not wait to see the proofs and select the picture for our save the date cards I am making for the wedding. We might have been a hard couple to work with since we kept cracking up at each other. I wonder if we will do that on our wedding day. I really appreciate Sarah taking time out to do this last minute photo shoot before she goes into labor. Did I say I was excited to see the photos?(smile). Well, one more thing off of the to do list.


SexyMama said...

cool...congrats on yr engagement and of course,... bon voyage on your new journey in life!

liked the pix.

My BREASTS, My Business!!

bloggersmosaic said...

love the shirt!

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

always be happy

have a good time

The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

I love the outfits.. cant wait to see some pictures!

Rachel said...

Wow,i'm so envious of your preparations.I wish we had more time to prepare for our wedding as well but we did everything in just 3 months=)No regrets now, but it's always better to have a longer preparation time. It's great that you two are enjoying this experience. All my best wishes!