Monday, September 29, 2008

Planning Saturday: Part II

After selecting wedding rings, we went to look for suits for the men for the wedding. We decided a while back that we did not want to make the grooms attendances rent tuxedos when they could probably purchase a nice suit for about the same price as a rental. Besides, one of my fiance's fraternity colors is chocolate brown, which also one of our wedding colors, so we thought that they would be about wear the suits again for fraternity events. We went to the store that I visited in July, and he began to try so the suits on. There are so many different colors of brown, I had to pull out the fabric swatches that I had to make sure the color matched up. The salesperson helping was really trying to assist us with having BJG (Broomjumpinggroom) try on differ suit jackets to find the fit that he wanted. After we selected a suit, we began looking for a tie. I had envisioned the men being in a brown suit with a white or cream shirt with a teal tie. The salesperson had something else in mind, while my BJG just kinda stood there and took it all in. The salesperson proceed to tell me that since the brown was an earth tone and the teal was a cool color that they really did not go together. Who is he? Hasn't he read the latest wedding magazines that brown is the new black. Whatever. I proceed to let him know that I was not changing my mind, especially since my bridesmaids had already ordered their dresses. He began to see things my way and instead offering his opinion some more, he began to offer more suggestions about what tie would work and even offered different vendors when I could possible obtain them from. In the end everything worked out well and I even obtained some more wedding resources. Thanks James. Now all the BJG needs to do is have all of his attendants give him their sizing. Well, should I say one more task for me. HA HA!!!