Friday, September 26, 2008

Flower Girl Hairstyles

Today's flower girls can have a style of their own. From how their hair is styled to what hair accessories that she wears. I am not sure what I am going to get my flower girl to wear in her hair, maybe some special hair barrettes that she can wear again. When assessing what type hair style that your flower girl will wear remember that she is a little girl and not one of your bridesmaids. Are you doing any special hair accessory for your flower girl? Make your flower girl feel special and give her some special hair accessory to wear for your special day and for days to come.


PeaceFoodie said...

I'm never a fan of having a child with overly done hair. (love the butterfly on the last young lady)

Tayia said...

I love the first picture to the right. So cute. I'm giving my little flower girl a cute tiara to wear. She loves anything princess like. The sparklier the better and this one has lots of bling!

On a side note, TAG! You're it! Just read my post today to find out what it's about.