Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where in the World are D & C?

This is honeymoon planning part two. I would like to thank all of you out there who gave me suggestions for our no boat, no airplane honeymoon. I went to visit my local travel agent to get some more ideas for a our honeymoon since we needed to go by car. I spent an hour with her discussing some of the things that would like to do during our honeymoon and what we did not want to do during our honeymoon. After talking to her and looking over the literature that she gave me to review here are the front runners;

  • The Poconos

  • South Carolina (Newport Beach)

We are still reviewing books that she gave me so that I can go back and talk to her within a week or so. I really want to have this settled before the end of the month so that we can put a deposit on the trip and begin making payments on it. Even better the travel agent has a bridal registry that our guest who would like to pay on our trip for us instead of getting us a gift can. Does anyone else have any suggestions for a relaxing road trip?


L to the Aura said...

Best of luck,
marriage life is fun!
And I should know, since I've been married for a month and a few days now. :)

Anonymous said...

Road trip! how fun :) I always make up several road trip playlists on my iPod b/f the trip and we're not allowed to listen to them until we're on our way - it's fun putting them together too.

Congrats & enjoy your trip!

NesAn said...

Nice blog! Thanks!!!

ajree said...

Have you thought about a wine tour? Check out Geneva on the Lake in upstate NY. You can Google them and find them on the web. If you need help with a NJ band, I know many. Let me know.

Check out my blog, their links are there too....

MMG said...

Love the blog! Having been to the Poconos and the beaches of South Carolina I cany recommend both places for different reasons. It all depends on whether you would rather enjoy woodsy nature or oceanside dunes. Whatever you decide, have a great time!

Megan said...

I just saw your blog through the "Blogs of Note" sister and her husband went to the Poconos for their honeymoon and had a blast. It was a relaxing trip, but there were things to do every day both casual and fancy. They were on a tight budget, but still had a fabulous time (or so I hear!).

Good luck!

Julie said...

I was going to suggest wine country but ajree beat me to it! There are also many wineries on Long Island in NY and scattered throughout the country w/lovely b&b's.....

Nothing Too Fancy... said...

My parents went to the Pocono's (28 years ago) for their honeymoon and had a blast. I've been to New Port beach and wasn't much impressed, but I've lived around beaches my whole life, so maybe it would be novel for a "mid-westerner" to be around beach. My husband and I rented a honeymoon chalet in Gatlinburg TN...we loved it. i hope you decide soon! I'm so excited for you!:-)

little j said...

Upstate NY area is great for a relaxing drive - and great vineyards. Depending on how long you have for your get-away, you can even create the route to head up towards Niagra Falls/Buffalo area...and then maybe drive through Canada to Montreal before heading back again.

Have fun!

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