Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Have Been Tagged....the 4's

I have been tagged by Tayia. In this tag we are playing the 4's. Well here it goes...

1. 4 Things I Did Today

- Went and worked out.
- Worked my second job.
- Fiance and I went and picked out our wedding bands.
- Did laundry.

2. 4 Things on My To Do List.

- Need to call the DJ.
- Need to contact the seamstress.
- Upload songs to my Ipod.
- Call DirectTV and add Showtime so that I can watch Dexter.

3. 4 Guiltiest Pleasures

- Love shoes. I have never found a shoe that I did not like.
- I like to treat myself to a Coach purse every few months.
- Enjoying a massage every few months.
- Shopping!!!

4. 4 Random Facts About Me

- I record almost every wedding show on the air.
- I like to blog nightly.
- I pack my lunch everyday to work.
- I can fall asleep anywhere.

I am going to tag...
Pure Bliss
Just Fabulous
Budget Savvy Bride
Becoming Mrs. Jones

I can not wait to see their response.

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