Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Recent Purchases

I have picked up a few things for the wedding over the last few weeks....take a look!! I got these square aqua colored gems at my local Dollar Tree. Yep, they were only a dollar. I bought 20 bags. I have my mom on the look out for some more at the Dollar Tree near her. I think about 20 more bags will do. I think that I am going to mix them with clear gems for my centerpieces.

For my wedding I wanted to have a variation of vases for centerpieces at the reception. I think that it would make the environment more interesting. I had been looking all over for these vases. First I would find the shorter ones at stores like Jo-Ann's and Michael's, but they would be two small. I found the shorter vases at a store called the Flower Factory. It is kinda like a Sam's Club for crafts. You had to have a membership to able to get in there, but there was one catch..you had to have a vendors license to get one. One day my mom was driving past and saw a sign that individual memberships were available for a limited time. You know what I did on my lunch hour...I went and got a membership. After I got my membership, I found them. I believe I paid $1.75 a piece for 15 of them.
The taller vases I had found in other stores as well, but I had refused to pay $10-$12.00 a piece for them. Well, thanks to the Budget Savvy Bride, I was on the Bride to Bride Boutique and located these vases from another bride who no longer wants them. I am getting 21 of them from her for $5.00 a piece. What a deal. If you have not been on the site, you must go.
Other items that I recently purchased are a ring pillow that I bought at the Dollar Store and am going to cover with some aqua satin that I got off the clearance rack at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Plus when I bought the fabric, I had a 40% off coupon so it made it an even better deal.
I am slowly but surely moving along with projects for my wedding. Have you purchased anything lately?


Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

Yay! That's so great that you found something on Bride-to-Bride!! Great find!!

Erica said...

I left you a present on my blog!

Blablover5 said...

Those are cool pretty stones.

I love Dollar Tree, if you just think outside the box you can come up with great stuff super cheap.