Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding Tip of the Week: Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is a young boy (but now a days it can be a girl) between the ages of 4 to 8 that walks down the aisle before the flower girl (or boy). They carry a pillow with the bride and grooms wedding rings on it. If you are not the trusting sort, you can tie fake rings to the pillow and give your maid or matron of honor or the best man the real wedding rings.

When choosing a ring bearer, look for a young family member or a close friend of the family to serve. Make sure that this child is comfortable with people looking at them. To ease them into this, make sure that they are at the rehearsal dinner so that they can give walking down the aisle by themselves a try.

As an added tip, you might want to have a special designated chair for the ring bearers parents, close family member or sibling that will be able to assist if the ring bearer starts to become entertainment during your ceremony. The ring bearer in my wedding, is one of my close friends son's who is also one of my bridesmaids, so if he starts to need assistance he can go and stand with his mom.

If you do not have young relative or a friend of the family..you can also use your family pet. There is a current trend in having a pet be the ring bearer. If using a pet, please make sure that you have trained them on what to do and have someone at the wedding to care for the pet during the ceremony.

When choosing a ring bearer just be sure that you will be upset with the child or the pet does not do exactly what you want them to do...it would not be a wedding if they did everything right.


Anonymous said...

great wedding tip! but why using pillow? it can be something more creative and beautiful

Blablover5 said...

I would also add, make sure that your ring bearer spends time with his prop and gets to know it.

Also naps are a wonderful thing and keep them from being cranky. Just make sure to get them up a good hour before the wedding starts.

Lavana said...

Great information about the ring bearer, I agree completely.
I would also like to suggest, since one of your bridesmaids is the ring bearer's Mother, someone bring entertainment for the ring bearer if he has to be at the wedding venue for a long period of time, such as coloring books or a gameboy or even a platemate and some board games.

Pillow are beautiful and they are a traditional part of a wedding, but for those that wish for something a little different, Wedding and Event Details carries a couple of different options as a ring pillow alternative. Here's the link to the ring bearer pillow page with the alternatives listed as well.

Good luck to everyone that is planning their wedding or event, we wish you all the best!


ulogtwo said...

Having presided at a number of weddings, I'd suggest that the ring bearers and flower girls be encouraged to sit down immediately after their trip down the aisle. It is best that there be a place for them near the wedding party and beside a familiar family member.
My standard rehearsal dinner speech runs something like this: "We're going to do this the way the bride wants it done. If the groom wants something done a certain way, it's his job to convince the bride." This also means that we're not listening to the mothers because we're planning to do it the way the bride wants it done.

Anonymous said...

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