Monday, September 22, 2008

They Are Here!!!

They're hereeeeeeee!!! Anyone else remember this from the movie Poltergeists. Well, I am not speaking of ghost, but about the vases for my tables at the wedding reception. I talked about them in previous posting. I bought these on the Bride to Bride Boutique website from a woman named Jill, who used them for her wedding. Jill was nice enough to bring them to me and drop them off at my home instead of me paying for shipping. I am sure shipping would have been more than what I bought the vases for. I got them for a great price.My basement is starting to get full with all of the goodies I have purchased for the wedding. If you are still in need of stuff check out the Bride to Bride Boutique website, you might find something that you are looking for as well.


GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

wow! what a great idea!

it may be a bit too late for me to cash in on this.....but i'm definitely gonna check into it for after the wedding...i may have goodies that could help another bride.

Jennifer said...

oh sheesh. You got me all excited for your e-pics...not that vases aren't exciting- but you know!

AnonymousNewYork said...

I am not even a bride but I love your blog! Hopefully I can make good use of your clever tips someday!


Rachel said...

Hi Dana,

found your blog from the Blog's of Note list and I must say it's really a blog worth checking.I also have a wedding blog which is still very new and I'm adding you to my blogroll=) would surely be back for more... Have a great day!

Iago de Otto said...

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Its ME said...

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Ela said...

Thats pretty cool she would do that. Most people aren't that awesome.